As the grading approaches, do you feel confident and able? 

You should! 

You will have worked on your fitness, stamina and concentration skills. 

You will have trained regularly, shown commitment and drive. 

You will have a goal in mind for the short and long term. 

You will have overcome nerves to deal with an aspect you feel unsure of or less confident with.

You will have practiced your patterns time after time, perfecting the moves and learning to understand what they are used for in a real life situation. 

You will have developed sparring techniques and the ability to adapt your style depending on your partner. 

You will show self control and physical confidence when demonstrating self defence and defensive drills techniques. 

You will have worked hard to learn and use the correct, precise parts of the hands and feet for each technique. 

You will have learnt Korean history, terminology, pattern meanings and the symbolism behind Tae Kwon-Do colours to stretch the mind and challenge yourself. 

You will have accepted guidance, constructive criticism and probably had some form of setback or disappointment. 

You will have helped, encouraged and inspired your friends in the club. 

The grading is just the next step in a long and enjoyable journey. 

Smash it, and enjoy it!