Bridgnorth Tae Kwon-Do: Required Theory: 9th Kup: Yellow Stripe to Yellow Belt

Alongside your practical martial arts tuition at Bridgnorth Tae Kwon-Do, students are expected to learn theory and this is tested at the end of every grading. The emphasis is on the student to take responsibility for their own learning; but we have provided these theory sheets to assist and we are always happy to help with your learning or any questions you may have. In terms of timing for when is best to start your theory, we would always say ASAP! It is never too early or too late to start – the main thing is to give it your best effort in a way that suits you. Some students have created their own visual aids, drawn pictures, found ways to memorise dates, etc. No doubt you will learn more than the examiner will test you on – please don’t be disheartened by this. Your time spent on theory is never wasted. You need to know this information to perform at the highest level in the class; and you will be tested on all aspects of the syllabus from white belt onwards, during your Black Belt gradings.

(Korean terms are in brackets and italics).           

Significance of Colours on Belts

YELLOW signifies the earth, from which a plant sprouts and takes root as the Tae Kwon-Do foundation is being laid.


  • Walking stance: (Gunnun sogi)
  • L-stance: (Niunja sogi)
  • Lower outer forearm block: (Najunde bakat palmok makgi)
  • Middle inner forearm block: (Kaunde ann palmok makgi)
  • Middle obverse punch: (Kaunde baro jirugi)
  • Pattern: (Tul)
  • Reverse punch: (Bandae jirugi)
  • Double punch: (Doo ap joomuk jirugi)
  • Ball of foot: (Ap kumchi)
  • Foot-sword: (Balkal)
  • Turn: (Dwiyo torro)
  • Rising block: (Chookyo makgi)
  • Guarding block: (Daebi makgi)
  • Front snap kick: (Ap-cha busigi)
  • Side kick: (Yop chagi)
  • Turning kick: (Dollyo chagi)

Pattern Meaning

Chon Ji Tul literally translated means heaven and earth. In the orient, it is seen as the beginning of human history or creation. It is therefore the initial pattern learnt by the beginner. It consists of two similar but separate parts representing heaven and earth.

*** The GTI Handbook contains more detailed theory information and is available to purchase from your Instructor at Bridgnorth Tae Kwon-Do.

The examiner may ask any question, not limited to those on these pages.

You must ALWAYS revise theory from previous belts.***