Bridgnorth Tae Kwon-Do is run by a young family who are Bridgnorth born and bred! Instructor Gary Plant, is a 5th Degree Black Belt who started martial arts at the age of 10 and has been practising Tae Kwon-Do for over 24 years. Instructor Anna Bradford has been practising Tae Kwon-Do for 17 years and is a 2nd Degree Black Belt. Please see our Biography page for more information on our Instructors.

When do we meet?

7pm – 8pm on Mondays and Thursdays at Castlefields School, Castlefields Road, Bridgnorth WV16 5DQ. 

We have free on-site parking. Check our location and calendar pages for further information.

Bridgnorth Tae Kwon-Do has passed an enhanced level DBS (Disclosure Barring Service, formerly known as CRB (Criminal Records Bureau)) check. We hold Instructors Liability and Public Indemnity Insurance certification and are HSE (Health and Safety Executive) first aid qualified.

You will get as much out of Tae Kwon-Do as you put in; but the martial art attracts people from all walks of life for different reasons:

  • Fitness: classes are a good work out, and a great way to keep fit, with classes once or twice a week 
  • Self-defence: as detailed on our Curriculum page, we teach practical and realistic self-defence techniques which are a great way to increase confidence and defend against bullying
  • Discipline: for adults and children alike – to gain a black belt in Tae Kwon-Do is to gain a Degree, and the martial art teaches important life skills such as dedication, perseverence, respect. Discipline and respect are deeply embedded in Tae Kwon-Do
  • Confidence: students gain confidence through learning a new skill, meeting new people, and the buzz of passing a grading and being awarded your next belt is not to be missed! Students can gain confidence physically and emotionally as Tae Kwon-Do is a work out for the body and the mind.

We have helped students to place successful applications for sporting grants and also assisted with Duke of Edinburgh, GCSE and A-Level PE assessments. 

For a better idea of what to expect from a lesson, please see our Curriculum page. This 5-minute video was made for us by one of our students and we think it gives a really good idea of what the classes involve, with most aspects covered.

Bridgnorth Tae Kwon-Do is proud to offer very competitive training fees, either on a monthly or pay-as-you-go basis. Why not contact us to start your free trial? New students are offered a completely free, no-obligation trial for four lessons. Please contact us and we will be happy to answer your queries!

We are proud to be an active part of the Bridgnorth community and a member of the GTI. 

Bridgnorth Tae Kwon-Do has been awarded a Mark from the Safeguarding Code in Martial Arts and has held this continuously since 2020. Please visit our safeguarding page for more details.

Bridgnorth TKD has been awarded a Mark from the Safeguarding Code in Martial Arts