Our National GTI Squad members are very often in the newspapers with their competitive success on the national and international stage. We are delighted that this has not only boosted morale and determination inside the club, but it has also inspired others to compete. We often tell our students that they are all capable of competing and winning medals – and now we have been proven correct! 

Sam Jones competed for the first time at the UITF Colour Belt Championships and came home with not one, but two medals! Silver for sparring and bronze for patterns! This is a superb achievement and a real confidence booster for an excellent but humble student. Meanwhile David Rowley competed for the second time at the same competition, and bagged his second medal! David is keen to carry on competing, and we are too! 

Well done to everyone! If you have not yet competed, there is no pressure to do so but we would encourage you to give it a go. We send everyone for experience not expectations, but many have returned with a medal too!