Just a quick update on grading day!

I was pleased with my Black Belt Assessment, I performed all of my new patterns (Kwang-Gae, Gae-Baek and Po-Eun) in front of Master Cockburn and was able to explain the meaning behind Kwang-Gae despite my nerves! The Black Belts joined in with the last session of the colour belt grading, and then we stayed on for an extra session at the end. We were assessed on self defence, knife defence, jumping kicks, patterns and full contact sparring. I managed to get a few good kicks in against my opponents and Master Cockburn gave everyone positive feedback with a piece of constructive criticism for all. It was a relief to know he didn’t have too much to criticise!

Meanwhile ALL of our colour belts passed their grading, and all with good scores, which is fantastic. Grading days are always stressful for me and Mr Plant so it is extremely satisfying to see our students achieve good solid results! Well done all!