Mr Plant has succumbed to man flu so I taught the whole class on my own last night. It turned out to be an excellent lesson, lots of effort from the whole group and we covered a lot of the syllabus.

We started with patterns and did all of the patterns up to 2nd Dan. Four directional punch, Chon Ji, Dan Gun, Do San, Won Yho, Yul Gok, Joong Gun, Toi Gye, Hwa Rang, Choong Moo, Kwang Gae, Po Eun, and finally Gae Baek. Students who didn’t know all of these patterns had chance to repeat the ones they did know and perfect the moves. Whilst the black belts did their patterns, the colour belts did the next grading pattern, their last successful pattern, and their favourite pattern.

We then moved on to line work and the class performed kicking and punching drills backwards and forwards in their lines. Next, plenty of kicks! Side kick (step through, reverse and on the spot using lead leg), turning kick (using the top of the foot and then the ball of the foot) hook kicks and axe kicks. We stretched off the legs and I dismissed the class.