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End of year review 

Well, 2018 has certainly been challenging but rewarding! We’ve helped 28 students along the ladder with colour belt promotions, along with promotions to 1st, 2nd and 3rd Degree Black Belt. Two of our students have become qualified umpires while two are instructors in training! 

We have raised £260 for Zach Oliver’s treatment by organising a raffle, and every single student Wore It Pink in October for Cancer Research. 

Mini Masters has been busy and lots of fun! The kids enjoyed the after school club’s first birthday party (with cake!) and some of them helped me with a demo at Castlefields Primary School. Aged only 4 and 5, my little martial artist helpers did brilliantly in front of the crowds and performed three different demos. 

We’ve finished the year on a high with our largest grading of the year, and every student passed. We’ve also named our junior and senior Student of the Year; Jack and Tom. Jack won because of his character – overcoming nerves to perform well in gradings and perform increasingly consistently in class. Tom has the highest grading scores in the club for 2018 and has a spot-on attitude for learning. 

Well done to each and every one of you. We know you all have individual aims and goals; and we will continue to help you reach them in 2019. We are really grateful for all of your support for our family business. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! 


Wearing It Pink

On October 18th every single student at Bridgnorth Tae Kwon-Do “wore it pink”. 100% of our martial arts students opted to donate to Cancer Research UK in exchange for a pink belt, which resulted in a £30 donation on top of the proceeds from the belts via Blitz Sport. Blitz are now in the four-figure amounts raised which is fabulous. 

Zac’s Brave Battle

Almost all of the raffle prizes have found their way to the winners now! Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to the raffle by buying tickets or donating prizes. We have transferred £260 into Zac’s Trust Fund and sincerely hope it helps. 

Donations kindly made by

– Promotional Products UK

– Skiltons’ Bespoke Designs

– Tesco of Low Town

– Emotion Studios

– Master Tony Sewell 

– Faintree Garage

– Bristows Sports Shop

– Elizabeth Beckett Skincare 

– Bridgnorth Tae Kwon-Do, our wonderful students, family and friends 


We have a confession…

We have a confession. When we have good news to share, we try to publicise it far and wide. We work hard and so do our students, so we like to tell the world! When a student has a setback, maybe we are not quite so upfront. We are not embarrassed and certainly not untruthful. We just don’t shout from the rooftops, usually to protect the student’s feelings. They are already feeling fragile and disappointed. 

What we do do, is support them privately and encourage them to turn the situation around into a positive. We can honestly say every one of our students who has failed, who has persevered with it, not given up at the first hurdle, shown the grit and character to go back and try again, has become a far better martial artist. Not just physically but mentally too. They know what it feels like to fail. I do too. They know the courage it takes to go back to class, feeling a bit sheepish or even annoyed. They also know that nobody judged or laughed. Everyone helped, encouraged and allowed them to continue to develop. Those that return to class, and applaud their peers who were successful, despite their own disappointment, are a special kind of person. 

What we know for sure is that not-passing-everything-first-time doesn’t make you a bad student. We like to think it doesn’t reflect on us as teachers either! Sometimes you just have an off day. Sometimes the nerves are too much. Sometimes a new instruction in the grading that you don’t know (and you’re actually not expected to know) makes you lose your confidence. That’s what happened to me. The point is you must learn from it. It’s ok to make a mistake in a grading. Just don’t let it put you off your stride competely. 

Of course we only put students up for a grading if we think they are ready. But it is never a done deal. 

So our confession is, we don’t all pass first time. And we think that’s ok. 

Colour belt grading success at Bridgnorth 

Four of our students have passed the latest colour belt grading. 

Sixth Degree Black Belt Mr Burgess travelled from Wells to Bridgnorth to conduct the grading, which was held at Bridgnorth Leisure Centre. Tom passed with an overall A-grade, showing consistent performance above the expected standard for his stage in the taekwondo journey. Jack was ill on the day but turned up, tried hard and showed us his best ever martial arts. Phoebe and Oliver passed their first gradings with flying colours too. Phoebe has only been training since January and Oliver is the first student to graduate from Mini Masters to gain a yellow stripe. The first of many, we know! 

Mr Burgess also praised our three black belts who were put forward for assessment, saying he was “pretty impressed” and that the black belts performed at a “very high standard”. Well done everyone! 

Kicking the year off! 

A group of colour belts passed their winter gradings with flying colours and a 100% pass rate which the club has maintained throughout the last 12 months. Adult black belt student Aubrey Round has gained his Umpire Certification in preparation for his upcoming 3rd Degree Black Belt grading which will take place in the spring. Mr Round also won silver for men’s veterans heavyweight black belt sparring at the GTI English Open last weekend. David Rowley also won a silver, for men’s veterans middleweight sparring, losing a very respectable final to a fifth degree black belt, after a tie. At the same competition, secondary school student Jack Light scored a personal best of 17 for his pattern ‘Toi-Gye’, and continued to show improvement. The best result of the day without a doubt was everybody’s attitude and willingness to strive to improve! Keep it up folks!